Episode 6: Leveling Up Your Career

In this episode (our last!), we talk about different ways to level up your career with the support skills you’ve cultivated — whether it keeps you in the world of tech support or swings you over to a new department!

Show Notes

  • Introductions at 0:07
  • Last episode recap at 0:21
  • Today’s episode overview at 0:38

Advancing Your Career in Support – 0:53

  • Tips for direct reports and mentees at 1:00
  • Opinions about feedback at 3:25
  • What do you do with positive feedback when you get it at 7:25
  • Tracking your impact in an organization and recency bias at 8:44
  • Imposter syndrome and your accomplishments at 9:27
  • Refreshing your resume from your brag doc at 10:10
  • How can you make an impact to add to your brag doc at 10:44
  • Subject matter expertise (SME) in tech at 11:57
  • Staying informed by industry trends at 13:16
  • Tracks to explore as you think about growing your career at 14:29

Team Structure and Growth Paths – 14:45

  • Communicating career goals and curiosities to your manager at 18:58
  • Being Glue at 20:00
  • The leadership quality requirement at 21:17
  • Mentorship programs and learning new perspectives 21:55
  • It’s ok to realize you don’t want to go up the ladder at 23:12
  • Tracks of growth within your Support team at 25:26
  • The operational path: pros and cons, emotional labor of “glue” work at 26:55

Pivoting to Different Functions – 28:14

  • Customer Success at 29:00
  • Operations at 30:26
  • Marketing at 31:12
  • Onboarding and new customer education at 32:27
  • Product at 34:47
  • Engineering at 37:35
  • Technical writing and documentation at 39:05
  • Quality Assurance (QA) at 40:03
  • Wrap-up at 40:45
  • Request for feedback at 41:45
  • Outtakes at 42:00 (we say uh and um a LOT)

Other Things We Mentioned

Episode 1:Pursuing A Career In Tech Support

Show Notes:

Introductions at 0 mins
Tech industry impact by Covid at 2:50
What skills are translatable at 4:08
Inclusion and growth at 4:55
Backgrounds and transitioning into tech at 5:55
Support channels and customer-facing departments at 7:21
Working with other departments at 8:43
Categories of companies at 13:12
Insights from a hiring manager at 14:56
Perks of online support as a career at 15:43
Getting started in online support at 20:42
Homework at 21:21


Checkout the job listings here (In addition to the usual like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.):

What are some skills listed in the job descriptions that you feel apply to you? What are some examples of the experience you have utilizing those skills?

What industries interest you? Which of the jobs listed really spoke to you? Was it support, success, community mgmt.?

Make a list of everything that speaks to you and have it ready for episode 2!