About Support Night School

The purpose of the first series of Support Night School is to introduce people to the world of customer support in the tech industry. Our goal is to reach people who have translatable skills (or those who are willing to work to gain those skills) in order to secure stable and fulfilling tech support work.

Your Instructors

Brianne Villano is a recovering scientist turned tech lady who runs a customer-facing consultancy in her down time. She wound up in tech accidentally, but caring about the customer experience is her default and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. She is currently Director of Operations at Spreedly.

Camille Acey is a mother, a community activist, and a public speaker. After a decade of career hopping (and globe hopping!) from film to the music industry to journalism, she finally landed and found a true passion in tech. For the past almost-ten years, she has been working with and leading customer care team at tech startups including Humio (acquired by CrowdStrike), Zemanta (now a division of Outbrain), Boundless (now a division of Planet), Clubhouse, and Nylas.

Nicole Jackson has worn “all the hats” in customer support, and loves showing others how to so the same. She recently started Solid Support Strategy a consultancy that specializes in helping businesses kickstart and scale their support teams. When she is not busy growing her own business, she is usually camping or trying to rescue all the animals.