Episode 4: Burnout

In this episode, we discuss a common challenge for those working in tech support: burnout. We explore how it happens, why it happens, and ways to fend it off.

Show Notes

  • Introductions at 0 mins
  • Last episode recap at 0:23 mins
  • Today’s episode overview at 0:31 mins
  • Let’s begin! What is Burnout? at 0:56 mins
  • Causes of Burnout at 2:13 mins
  • Self Care at 3:44 mins
  • Spend time outside of the queue. at 5:45 mins
  • Find what interests you; Support is variety at 7:47 mins
  • What does success look like for you? You are valuable! at 8:42 mins
  • The organization MATTERS at 9:47 mins
  • Not so obvious challenges in Support. (Who supports the Support folks?) at 11:45 mins
  • Escalation strategies when dealing with tough customers at 14:42 mins
  • Firing a customer at 16:35 mins
  • Positive feedback from customers at 17:41 mins
  • Does Support have a voice at your company? at 18:21 mins
  • HOW do you assess your needs and boundaries? at 19:44 mins
  • Camille’s tips to prevent burnout at 20:30 mins
  • Self care is what works for YOU at 22:40 mins
  • Support professionals and community at 23:46 mins
  • Nicole loves Support Driven ‘Aspire’ mentorship program at 25:10
  • Support Driven job board at 26:05 mins
  • Brianne’s experience with communities at 26:37 mins
  • Support-specific conferences at 28:28 mins
  • Wrap-up at 31:38 mins
  • HOMEWORK at 32:02 mins
  • Next episode sneak peak at 32:32 mins

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